Upcoming Events

Saturday, April 6, 4:00-6:00pm ~ “Pasture-Raised Chicken 5 Ways” with Chef Miles Burnett, Hosted by Saporito Oil, Vinegar & Spice

An incredible opportunity to learn from the finest, Chef Miles will demonstrate how to break down a whole chicken. Learn how to cut up, prep and create 5 different dishes, including White Truffle Chicken Grapefruit Risotto, Chicken Terrine, roasted chicken, chicken stock, and chicken salad. Discover fascinating food tips and some seriously cool knife skills.

Taste each amazing dish made from just one chicken! We hope you'll join us for this delicious expo at Saporito Oil, Vinegar & Spice!  ** Price Creek Farm will be providing the fresh, pasture-raised chicken!

$30/person. Limited Space. Reservation required. Register HERE.