Package, Beef, Whole Cow

You get to decide which cuts!
$4.99/lb. Avg. 400 lb.

Package, Pork, Half Pig

You get to decide which cuts!
$4.99/lb. Avg. 90 lb.

Package, Pork, Whole Pig

You get to decide which cuts!
$4.49/lb. Avg. 180 lb.

Package, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Stock up on pastured poultry and save 18%!! No antibiotics or hormones!!
ON SALE! $0.30/lb. savings
$4.35/lb. $4.05/lb. Avg. 45 lb.

Pork, Bacon

$12.00/lb. Avg. 1.25 lb.

Pork, Boston Butt

Pork rost from shoulder. Bone in.
$7.50/lb. Avg. 2 lb.

Pork, Chops, 3/4"

2 per pack, bone-in. 3/4 inch cut.
$7.50/lb. Avg. 1.5 lb.
$5.00/lb. Avg. 2 lb.

Pork, Ground

Ground meat, no spices.
$6.50/lb. Avg. 1.25 lb.

Pork, Ham Hocks, Smoked or Fresh

Pork shank legs, for seasoning.
$2.00/lb. Avg. 2.5 lb.
$5.00/lb. Avg. 1 lb.
$5.00/lb. Avg. 1.25 lb.
$2.00/lb. Avg. 4 lb.

Pork, Ribs

$7.50/lb. Avg. 2.25 lb.

Pork, Sausage, Patties, Mild

4 Per Pack For Convenience
$7.00/lb. Avg. 0.5 lb.

Pork, Seasoned Meat

Great for seasoning peas and beans!
$2.00/lb. Avg. 0.5 lb.