Jie's Mushroom Sweet Potato Noodle Soup Recipe

July 17, 2018 • 0 comments

Jie's Mushroom Sweet Potato Noodle Soup Recipe
Older laying hens that have been free-ranged their entire life make excellent stew birds. They are perfect for making chicken stock which can lend itself to intensifying the flavor of some of your favorite vegetables and soups. Thanks to Jie for sharing how she prepared one of our recent stew birds!!!


After slow cooking the bird with two quarts water and 1/3 oz rice wine for 12 hours, I added the mushrooms (bought the mushroom melody from Whole Foods Market) and sweet potato noodles. Then just simply season with sea salt, ground white pepper and green onions!

Jie said she feels it’s one of the best chicken soup she's had in the US. The young fresh chicken is good for soup as well, but this stew bird has a more intense flavor.

Recipe and Photo Courtesy of Jie Zhou