Farm Update - Family, Paint Lick, Chickens & Cowpooling

August 15, 2018

This past week was a very busy for us!

Our son, Wade, came up from Tampa for the week to help us out on the farm with chores and to help prepare for us being out of town.  Eeek!  Going away is always nerve-racking.  Usually we are only able to get a farm sitter for certain tasks - but this is the first time we've been able to have someone stay on farm, every day and all day.  His wife, Anna Kate, also came up to help on the weekend including selling eggs at the market. Having them here was truly a blessing! (Not to mention Wade accomplished many necessary chores Scott hasn't been able to get to lately!)

Anna Kate & Wade

While Wade was here, our daughter Samantha, and her two children (one 3 years and one 3 weeks!!!) was also here at the farm. Good times!!  We love when the kids and grands visit -- we get to share our love for farming with them.  **We hope that one of them will pick up the torch some day. (Hint Hint)

They call me GG.

The reason for taking a brief leave from the farm was so that Scott and I could attend a farm conference in Lancaster, Kentucky.  We thank you for your patience while we missed last Saturday's market -- we were learning to be better farmers.

The workshop was great and if you are ever in that area, we strongly suggest that you spend time exploring the nearby town of Paint Lick, Kentucky. This small town offered charm, nice folks, gorgeous landscapes, winding roads and history -- our B&B was built in the 1840s. I only wish we had more time there!

Kay & Scott, The Denny House B&B, Paint Lick, KY

Now we're back at the farm getting into full swing again -- in between all the rain! 

We will have FRESH, whole pastured chicken the next two Saturdays (8/18 & 8/25).  Place your order now.

Also, we're in search of more cowpoolers! Are you a cowpooler?

Maybe you don't know that you are, but deep, down always wanted to be? "Cowpooling" is when two+ people buy parts of a butchered cow and split the meat. We need some cowpoolers!  We have one half (or two quarters) of grass-fed/finished cow remaining for reservation so drop us an email today if you're interested. Everyone knows that buying in bulk can save you some real dollars and we make sure that is also the case with our meats, even with the high quality that we offer. There are FAQs on our website for more info if you've never purchased freezer meat.

    Thanks and see you on Saturday!

    Life's short. Eat well.

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