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Our chickens have been pastured on grass in floorless, moveable coops, safe from predators, but enjoying eating bugs, fresh grass, and sunshine. The birds are processed on farm by us, two days before the announced Saturday market date -- you can't get any fresher than that! Once you try it, you will not go back to the grocery store options. Oh, and they are never given any chemicals - antibiotics or hormones.
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Here are just a few benefits to buying direct from us, the farm, versus the grocery store.
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Fresh chicken, stew birds, new drop points and free eggs -- what more could a person need!
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Happy New Year! I wrote this a few weeks ago with intentions on sharing it with you sooner. However, as I’m sure everyone has experienced, the last several weeks of below-freezing and cold temps have been both very taxing and challenging to us and the animals on the farm. Nonetheless, Scott and I are excited for 2018 and all that it has in store for us – especially warmer weather :) ! Hope you enjoy this post, Kay
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One cold, Saturday morning, Rooster and Hen decided to take a trip.
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PRIME Act, HR2657
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